Saturday, February 6, 2010

Don't Eat Me Saturday

Who loves cupcakes???


Who loves Etsy??


Who loves searching for cupcakes on Etsy???


Seriously. It's a sickness. Etsy just sucks me in and I keep finding
more and more cute cupcake things that I *need*.

So I'm passing the sickness on to you!
Every Saturday I'll be here tempting you with cutesy cupcake items
to feed your obsession.


Ok. let's get started.

Stop! Don't eat these!
They sure look tasty, right???
But they are ONESIES and WASHCLOTHS.
Made CherryBlossomWay and totally the cutest baby shower gift.

I almost died when I saw this tiny little KitchenAid.
You see, I love my KitchenAid.
It was my most FAVORITEST wedding gift.
I almost passed out when I opened that box (thanks Davis Family!) -
it's true, ask my husband.
If I had this little necklace, then I could
carry my little KitchenAid with me wherever I go.
FreshyFig has one just for you.
Buy me one while you're at it.

Nope, don't know how to use
my sewing machine to make a button hole to
save my life.
However, I am sorely tempted to learn
after I saw these little darlings.
My little IzzyMooMoo needs a dress with
these buttons on them.
Maybe I can convince Grandma to do it for me:)
Hop on over to TessaAnn's shop and see all the
cuteness she has going on.
There's a ninja in the room.
A cupcake ninja.
Do you see him??
LURVE this shirt by
What is more darling than a
little girl and her cupcake???
And one day when I finally
paint IzzyMooMoo's room,
this beauty is going up on the wall.
Check out rkdsign88 to see this one
and several other cupcake cuties.The necklace says it all.
Maybe I should buy it for my fellow Cupcakester's
birthday in October.
Or better yet, buy it for me QUICK!
It's a limited edition at klacustomcreation's shop.

And finally,
when all else fails,
keep this beautiful print hung in your home
to remind you that all your problems can be doused
for a moment
if you keep calm and have a cupcake.
Sound advice.
jennysbakeshop has the right idea.
So, there you have it -
our first "Don't Eat Me" Saturday.
Are you addicted to Etsy yet?


Tessa Ann* said...

I love everything you have listed here. I want the kitchen aid necklace!!! Thanks so much for including my cupcake buttons :)

dancin' momma said...

Love everything! I'll take one of each. :)

jenny holiday said...

Hey there!
What a great selection of sweet stuff!! Thanks SO much for sharing our Keep Calm And Have A Cupcake print! : )

Thought you may be interested in knowing about a line of our journals, gift bags, and book marks available at Barnes & Noble too!! We are super excited!! We have been receiving pics of store displays from friends and collectors all over the US and fun!! We are thrilled to know that so many people are as cupcake crazy as we are!!

Love your blog!!

XOXO Jenny..and Aaron

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