Saturday, February 27, 2010

Don't Eat Me Saturday

This Don't Eat Me Saturday was inspired
by my darling niece.
You see, she is a faithful CuteCupcakesAlltheTime
blog reader
(with the help of her mom, of course).

Well, last week she was doing some shopping,
as all good girls do, and she came across THIS!

And being a future Cupcakester in the making,
she insisted her mom send me the picture.
Isn't she so cute!!!???

And just my luck, JustAnotherHangUp submitted
THIS darling little number this week.
So, I immediately started hunting for some
cupcakey purses to go along with my handbag theme for the week.

And I found
THIS one by HouseShoeMama,
and THIS one by pollyanacowgirlbags,
and THIS one by LouLouHandbags.
Love 'em all!

But then it got me thinking,
what else goes along with purses?
(which is something I'm also obsessed with - don't even get me started)

So, I opened up my darling little bowler handbag
that I ADORE
(for the moment)
and started pulling out all the things I carry around
on a regular basis
that could be cupcakified.
I found:
a wallet
a pen
a pocket calendar
wipes case
cell phone
pacifier on a ribbon clip

And then I started searching Etsy for
suitable Cupcakester worthy replacements.

I found:

inhope's checkbook cover

hippofabulous's vinyl wallet
mandibead's DARLING pen
GatsbyandLacy's baby wipe case
yummypocket's iPhone cozy
(no, I don't have an iPhone, but I heart them)
cranberriesandcapers's pacifier clip
(and hooray it's RED!)
theangryrobot's pocket mirror
(and a reminder of what to do in a crisis)
and jimmypickles's wristlet key chain fob

I had no luck at finding a pocket calendar.
So, if you know of one,
shoot it my way.

Then, I was just about to finish this post
and I remembered that I got a
submission from
Essie's handcraft cuteness.
She has an international store on a site
called DaWanda.
And I had to include her items because
they fit with my theme perfectly!

the keychains!
the wallet!

the coin purse!


Remember if you have a cute cupcake
product that you make, sell, or swear by
to submit it to
and you just might find it on here on Saturday morning!



Suzanne said...

Oh goodness -- These are all adorable! All of a sudden I'm longing to sink my teeth into something sweet! Thank you so much for highlighting my Lil' Girl Cupcake Tote!
- Suzanne

Party Box Design said...

oh my gosh... you are forever finding the most adorable cupcake items!!!

pollyanna cowgirl said...

Wow! Thanks for the shout-out! You have a lovely pink blog! :)

dancin' momma said...

Banana is in heaven! Thanks for putting her on here! I love all of the cupcake accessories you featured today!

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