Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Blast From The Past

Yesterday I had some old friends reconnect on Facebook. It was really fun catching up from those days back in the 80's when we were crazy kids, acting all silly, making up dances for the 3rd grade talent show to Michael Jackson's BAD where I had to do a one-handed-cartwheel during the performance because I broke my finger trying to get my pajamas out of a drawer a couple days before the show. Who knew putting on pajamas could be so dangerous??

Yeah.... I was awesome then and I'm awesome now!

So here are some like totally radical 80's cupcakes dude.
Suite 106 Cupcakery is located in The Inland Empire in Southern California but guess what dudes and dudette's?? They ship their Cupcake-Cups and Cupcake Truffles!! Righteous!

Like... I totally like.. think I'm going to like.. talk like this like.. all day. Like... oh my gosh!


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