Saturday, March 6, 2010

Don't Eat Me Saturday

Do you know what it is?

Well, I didn't either until I started perusing Etsy.
And guess what??
People make amigurumi cupcakes and they are

So let's get started!

homer424 made these little guys.
I can't get over their faces!

I'm loving the sprinkles on these munchkins by annapaulaoli.The cheeks and strawberry on this one by
cutedesigns are killing me!

Now, how about a bunny cake by mutt?

And I'm loving the little heart pals
to go along with urbanfarmgirl's cupcakes.

The layers on willynillywaterlily's are lovely and the berries
are to die for!

And hey, who says cupcakes can't be masculine???
ssnjade has made this very tough looking pirate
that my son would LOVE to get his hands on.

hopeNdew has several food themed little cupcakes.
Ahhh! Love 'em.

AmigurumiKingdom's little cherries on top
are so awesome.
Don't you just want to eat him up???

M'kay, so this last item is not an amigurumi
and it's not even an Etsy item.
In fact, it's not for sale anywhere,
and if you want it you'll have to go and wrestle it from the Tedward.
BusyBeeLauren is on of my favorite blogs to read,
so I just had to share with you this
uber awesomespice painting she made for her husband.
Love it!

Thanks for joining me today!
If you have an item you'd like to be featured
if you have an idea for a theme you'd like me to,
email us at


Busy Bee Lauren said...

Yay! I actually will be selling that particular piece in my online shoppe, soon!

cutedesigns said...

I love all these cupcakes - they're all just adorable. :D Thanks for including mine.

Nice blog. :)

I'm hungry now though!!

homer2475 said...

Thank you for featuring mine! I love my little guys :)


confused homemaker said...

I love these!! My daughter and sons would have so much fun playing with them when they are "baking" in their kitchen area.

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