Saturday, March 20, 2010

Don't Eat Me Saturday

Welcome to Don't Eat Me Saturday!

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Today's theme is jewelry.... so let's get down to business....

Check out these adorable Hand Stamped Sterling Silver Cupcake Earrings by tinytokendesigns

I love-love-love this Piping Hot Cupcake Necklace from chicbabyrose.
When I saw the piping bag I almost died. It's so cute.

I want this I heart Cupcakes Pendant from snappypendants
It's so me. I do heart cupcakes you know?

This awesome Cupcake Bracelet from insanejellyfish reminds me of those I.D. bracelets from when I was a kid. It had my Mom's contact information on there in case I became lost. Now that I'm an adult, this is the kind of I.D. bracelet I really need. If I'm roaming the streets with a confused look in my eye, all anyone has to do is read my bracelet and say...
"Quick!! Get this lady a cupcake!!!"

And last but not least... how about this super cute Cupcake Ring by sudlow
I love it!!

Thanks for joining us for this edition of Don't Eat Me Saturday.
Have a great weekend!


Jaime said...

If that's what that bracelet says then I need one too!!!

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