Saturday, March 13, 2010

Don't Eat Me Saturday

Good morning!
Who's ready to venture into
the one
place in your house
you wouldn't think you'd find cupcakes

Kaysville makes this darling towel
to cute up your throne room.

Or this cutie by Begora.

How about a tiny robe
for your little princess.
Welp, bynichole has one for you.
Or how about this bath mat by ekra.

What about these sweet little glycerin soaps??
SoStinkingSweet made them.
If you have cute cupcake soap,
then you need a cute soap dish to store it on.

So what about this one by SayYourPiece.
Or this one by BonneDivasRoom.

And then I've seen these around Etsy
in the gallery, and my fellow
Cupcakester sent me a link.
I thought they were real cupcakes.

Don't eat them!
They are bath bombs!!!
So cute!

PureSimplicitySoap makes some.

And so does LoveLeeSoap.
Don't forget these by myotherprincess.
They all seriously look good enough to eat.
They had me fooled!

Especially these tasty looking ones
by myotherprincess.

Don't forget to email us
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If you find something that would
make a great feature.

And I'm so excited we're doing another
giveaway when we hit 100 followers,
so tell your friends!

I want to start a new feature.
Do you have
cute pictures
of cute kids
eating cute cupcakes???
Send them to us!


daniii♥ said...

Awesome post!!!
Here's my monster eating a cupcake for her 1st birthday:

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