Friday, April 16, 2010

Giveaway Winner.....

.....will be announced in a few days. 
Ha Ha! Fooled you.

Sorry. That was not very nice was it??

My fellow cupcakester and I are completely crazy and insanely busy this weekend with cupcake orders (me ), acting in a play (her), and selling handmade crafts in a boutique this Saturday  (us).

So yeah... we're both nuts right now. Thanks to all who participated in our Giveaway marking our 100+ followers. You're all super awesome!

We will announce the winner the early part of next week. Be on the look out.

In the mean time..... HERE is a link to my personal cupcake blog. I made some baby shower cupcakes today for a client and tomorrow I'm working on some cute little bear cupcakes for a Build-A-Bear birthday party for another client. 
I'm a crazy woman right now and so is my fellow cupcakester. 

Wish us luck this weekend. We're going to need it!


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