Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Cute Idea....

Kids nowadays are  competing amongst each other to come up with the most fun/unique way of asking some one to prom. 
You can't just ask some one "Hey... you want to go to the prom with me?" and receive an answer like they did when I was in school. 
Asking some on to prom has developed into this crazy thing where everyone tries to outdo each other. Almost like an over the top marriage proposal. 
I don't really "get" it, but whatever....
It's just prom people!! 

Now if I were to time warp and find myself back in high school and a guy wanted to ask me to prom, this is the way to do it......
I would totally "get" that!

Kari over at Retro Bakery makes the most adorable cakes and cupcakes. I checked out her blog and and found these cuties.

Next time I'm visiting my BFF in Vegas, I will stop on by and have a taste.


Nessa said...

We will have to go. They have REALLY yummy cupcakes. I love, love, love them! Funny enough, I've never been there, but have had them quite a few times.

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