Saturday, May 22, 2010

Don't Eat Me Saturday

Hooray for the weekend!
Here are some fun cupcake finds
to peruse this morning with your pancakes!

One my of friends
from church emailed me about cupcake keys.
She said she saw them at Tilly's,
but I just Googled and found these at
Perpetual Kid.
I've seen cupcake rings,
but this one by SouZouCreations is super awesome.
This little cutie cupcake
reading a book
by runawaydreams is
I used to make beaded socks
when I was a teenager -
I didn't wear them,
I gave them away to little kids.
I wish my little girl had these
cupcake ones by Debicreations.

The bracelet
using vintage typewriter keys
by jenniferperezdesigns
is super sweet.

And what mom
doesn't want a cupcake journal??
I've seen diaper cakes
and I've seen diaper cupcakes,
but I've never seen a cupcake tower cake!
Littlebowpeep makes them!

And finally - this cupcake busy book
by sayohappyday is a fantastic idea!

Have a great weekend!
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