Friday, May 7, 2010

Mothers Day Cupcakes?

Why are you featuring Bowling Cupcakes for Mothers Day you ask????

Well my friends... I come from a long line of bowlers. 
My mother is a bowler and my grandmother is a bowler. Hence the bowling cupcakes.

 In fact, my Mom has the highest average in her league and my Grandma took gold in the senior olympics for bowling at 91 years of age. She bowled against the younger seniors because there wasn't an age group for 90 year olds for her to compete against. She was put up against the young 80 year olds and kicked all their bowling butts!

So in honor of my Mom and Grandma, I hope you've enjoyed these adorable bowling cupcakes from Surely Goodness Cupcakes


Party Box Design said...

so crazy cute!

Jaclyn said...

Where do you get the plastic cupcake holder that is in the picture?

CuteCupcakesAllTheTime said...

Jaclyn- I have only been able to find those for sale at the local cake decorating supply store near my house. I bet you could find them online though for purchase in bulk. they work really well and keep the cupcakes nice and safe the only issue i've had with them is if the cupcakes are topped with fondant pieces, they cannot be left in there for too long because the fondant sweats and turns to goo. (i use the marshmallow fondant. not sure if the satin ice fondant would still turn to goo)

Jaclyn said...

Bugger, I'll have to search for them sometime, they look really convienient for car transport.

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