Friday, June 4, 2010

Cuckoo for Chicken!

So I spent over 24 hours this week
in a ChickfilA parking lot with
my awesome friend Jaime
so I could get 52 free free meals
for being one of the First 100 customers.
I was 81 actually.

I have chicken on the brain because
that's all I ate for 24 hours -
well, and a little diet lemonade and Icedream :)

I found these darling cupcakes on a blog
called Little Shindigs and it is awesome!
She found this birthday idea from a blog called
A Cupcake Life!
How could I not become a follower of both??

Don't forget the GIVEAWAY!


Jaime said...

Holy Cow, I just ate chickfila again today!

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