Saturday, June 12, 2010

Don't Eat Me Saturday

Welcome to this weeks addition of Don't Eat Me Saturday.

Let's get down to business....

Today I'm going with a clothing theme. 
My wardrobe is in need of a serious redo and adding some cuteness would be nice too.

First this adorable Cupcake Pencil Skirt by Sunshine Threads

I love love love this Cupcake Cross Bones Tee by  Wasted Hairday Apparel

When I came across this 50's Pin Up Inspired Pink Cutie Cupcakes Shirt by Miss Laura Foster I was so excited.  Look closely... those are cupcakes!

What about a cute little Cupcake Dress by De Gala to keep you nice and cool this summer.

And since today is my 11 year wedding anniversary....
(woo wee!)

Hope you all have a great weekend. 

We have an exciting GIVEAWAY coming next week. So check back soon!!


Kimber Perry said...

Thank you for featuring my cupcake pencil skirt! Great collection of cupcake clothing!


Cherish said...

Love that adorable skirt! Sadly my ghetto booty and pencil skirts are not friends.

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