Saturday, June 19, 2010

Don't Eat Me Saturday

What a week!
My Cupcakester friend moved.
So I've been trying to cope over
here with this terrible loss.
So I went looking for some
happy cupcake art that I could
hang in my house to remind me of her.
Here's what I found.


Elizabeth said...

This is great! I LOVE cupcakes and love this blog! Thank you so much for featuring my cupcake painting! Elizabeth Graf

Cat said...

This is so awesome! Thank you for featuring my ROYGBIV Cupcake Painting in your blog! I'm a avid cupcake lover, I call myself a cupcakess hehe :) Feel free to follow me on my blog


Catherine Holman said...

Thanks for featuring my Peppermint Cupcake painting in your cute blog post!

kym said...

Great pictures of cupcakey awesomeness!

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