Friday, July 30, 2010

We're Baaaacckkk!!

Wow!! Did you miss us???
Well.... my trip to California lasted longer than I expected. 
After our condo sold and we moved to Utah, my husband had to stay behind to finish up some work junk. He's still there so I took a little trip to So Cal to be with him and to hang out with my side of the family a bit before the summer is over. When my trip was ending, I got sad and wanted to stay longer. So I changed my plane tickets and stayed for almost 3 whole weeks!! 
Now I'm back in Utah and it's freakin' HOT!! I will need to get used to the scorching weather again.

Anyhoo... We're back and I'm excited to start posting about cupcakes again. 

While we were in So cal, we went to the O.C. Fair. 
I was browsing Flickr and came across these cuties from Grace of Cakes

I just had to post them you know??

The diet is back on and I'm going to miss this wonderful fair food. 
Why oh Why can't broccoli taste like chocolate??


prepfection said...

Mmm I know the feeling. My sister LOVES broccoli, and I just love chocolate and other assorted junk. Not fair!

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