Friday, August 20, 2010

Be A Cupcake for Any Occassion

Ok, so I've had mac & cheese on the brain lately.
Ever since I heard that my sister in law ate at the mac & cheese
sandwich at the grilled cheese truck
I've been thinking about it.
I've become obsessed with gourmet food trucks lately -
like Kogi and Longboards.
I must find the Mac&Cheese sandwich soon.

So I decided to Google mac & cheese cupcakes
and I found this!

How awesome is that?
I know it's not Don't Eat Me Saturday,
but this was too cute not to post.

They even have a spaghetti cupcake.
Or you can just rock it in sprinkles if that's you roll :)

Go over to Cupcake Ohh-Veralls and check them out.
I wish the OC had a cupcake truck . . . hmmm . . .


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