Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sonic Cherry Limeade Cupcakes

I found these on Pinterest, but the original
Pinner didn't link to the source, so I don't
know who to give credit to.

If you know who the creator is, please let me know.

I love Sonic for it's Happy Hour and especially
their yummy Cherry Limeades.
These would be so fun to make!


Melissa said...

Hey! Those are my cupcakes! ;)
I made those for my mom's work, she works for some men who own a ton of Sonics.
I don't really keep up with my blog so I didn't add my link to my pin, just pinned the picture. They were super fun to make though and I thought they turned out pretty cute!
Thanks for blogging them! :)

hooahmrsdelo said...

My sister is the creator of these adorable cupcakes! Her name is Melissa. =) Here is her blog...

She doesn't explain how she did them, so I'll tell her to comment here. =)

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