Saturday, April 10, 2010

Don't Eat Me Saturday

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**END PSA***

One of my favorite shows to watch is
Project Runway.
I'm a sewer/crafter
and I'm just amazed at what
the designers do with fabric.

So my theme today is
Cupcakes: Project Runway Style
and Etsy didn't disappoint.

I thought to myself - what would
designers on Project Runway create
if they were given a cupcake theme?

First, I found these tops
and a necklace
by newyorkcouture.

I am loving this necklace!

I found this latex mini
by hellodollylatex.

It's very Project Runway.

And the imagination on
this design is so cool.
devaniweaver made the entire
dress/top into a cupcake with wrapper.
So, there you have it -
Cupcakes: Project Runway Style.
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