Friday, April 9, 2010

Here Fishy, Fishy

Seaweed is cool,
seaweed is fun,
it makes it's food on the rays of the sun!

I just released a new
bow inspired from my son's
love of Nemo,
and so when I went searching for cute cupcakes
on Flickr and saw these beauties,
I had to share!

Bella Cupcakes (Vanessa lti) made these darlings.
I am in love their little faces!

She has so many cute ones, you need to go and check her out!Don't forget to GO HERE and enter our latest giveaway!


Valerie said...

Those are adorable. I wanted to say that I'm so happy I found your blog. I've only been reading for a few days and I already get super happy when I see a new post in my Google Reader feed. All the cupcakes put a big smile on my face. It's a brilliant theme!

Party Box Design said...

oh I just LOVE these!

Sarah-Lyn said...

Oh wow, these are so awesome!!


Sue said...

These are some of the cutest cupcakes ever!

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